Superbheater cartridges belong to a new generation of electric heating elements; they make it possible to use high watt loads in small spaces, thus ensuring excellent reliability in heavy-duty work conditions.
Our special construction technology makes them the most advanced type of heating elements.The entire length of the wire wound around a magnesium oxide core is in a far away position from the axis of the cartridge, very close to the metal sheath, with a very thin and compressed insulating wall in between; this allows excellent heat exchange that allows a much lower temperature of the resistance wire than in other heaters in which the wire is in a deeper position.
Besides the use of advanced technology and precise inspection techniques in their manufacturing, Ultramax cartridge heater owe their total reliability to the use of first-class material from the best sources in the market.
Every time a high-reliability and/or high-performance heater is needed to heat a liquid, solid or gas.

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